Expressing Thankfulness – Saving Our Humanity

I really wanted to write a post on some piece of popular culture, a movie I saw, or something specific about the holidays.  It actually was inspired by something I saw on the show I recorded from Oprah‘s Friday show.  She dedicated expressing “Thank You” and the power of that in our lives. She revisited past shows over  the years where people were brought together , most of them strangers expressing thank you to another for a deed done for them or for someone else. Most were profound and life changing.  She then revisited these same people again after these many years to find out what happened to them.

The lesson.  Expressing gratefulness continues to affect you and others for a lifetime.  It was a moving show and made me think of my life.

Our lives often get cluttered with stuff.  Most of it are things that we need to do just to make a living and survive. Other things are those things that have come among us or we have brought on ourselves that take up the rest of our focus.  Throughout our daily activities, many around us do things for us and others.  Do we stop to show our appreciation? Do we really recognize their efforts?

True expression of gratefulness involves us really looking into ourselves and bringing our hearts and minds to a place where something enlarges our souls.  The more we are grateful to others, the more our humanity develops.  It truly is one of those things that we do that betters us and others.

There are so many people who have been the architects and the guides of my life and its journey.  My accomplishments have been on their shoulders. I have thanked some of them and there are still some that are due my expression of gratitude.

Some people wonder about this season of the year and only criticize it because of its commercialism to some degree. However, it is also a wonderful time to recommit to being thankful and to actively express it.

Let us  give thanks and do it joyfully.

4 thoughts on “Expressing Thankfulness – Saving Our Humanity

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