Lisa Ling’s Our America Brings TV To A New Standard

Lisa Ling

The Oprah Winfrey Network continues to bring groundbreaking shows into the television universe. One of  the prime examples is  Our America with Lisa Ling.

The show is set in the style of a TV news investigative documentary with a tone that is more  seeking understanding of some of the most controversial and hard hitting issues of  America and the people behind them.  That is the key.  Ling really gets behind the scenes and lets us get to know the people around the issues.  That is the real power of this new show and that is what makes it better than all the shows of  it’s kind on the air today.

The most recent episode aired was ” Pray the Gay Away”  focusing on the controversial Christian based groups trying to eliminate homosexuality from its members.  The show asked hard questions but was not done in a tabloid or unbalanced format.  There was humanity in the piece and the viewer was left with an understanding of the individual struggles and complexity of being christian and gay in America.

The show has also focused on transgenders, sex offenders, the beef industry, and other parts of American society not often looked at so intently.   Every show has been so masterfully put together to give the viewer an appreciation of the issues, especially in terms of the individual lives affected.  It gives one pause to think and weigh things more thoughtfully.

A major part of the successful formula of the show is Lisa Ling herself.  From a young age, Ling has been a hard hitting journalist who has not been shy covering some of the major topics of the day including the war in Afghanistan to the one in the Congo. Her investigative stories were riveting.  She also was a co-host on the View and garnered respect for her informed input.  An author, a  journalist, and someone who has been on the rise as one of the most respected news people on the planet, Ling has emerged as this generation’s up and coming Barbara Walters and Anderson Cooper combined.

Tune in to Our America and see what I am talking about.

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