My True Loves This Valentine’s Day

So here I am facing another Valentine’s Day. Single.  Everywhere I look all I can see are red heart balloons and flowers held by happy, smiling lovers.  Beautiful.  I just want to puke.

Okay, a little over dramatic, but this holiday today can be somewhat daunting when you do not have someone to love.

It just dawned on me, however, that I do have love in the greatest way in my life.  I have it in four beautiful people named Annette, Rachel, Andrew and Clarissa.  These are my children.  They have been the constant source of love in my life since each of their births.  I have learned the meaning of unconditional love through them.

Andrew, Clarissa, Annette, and Rachel

No box of chocolates or bouquet of red roses could ever represent the deep feelings that I have for them or the meaning they have in my life.  I remember each of them when I held them after they were born.  There the hugs, the tears, the bed time stories, the Christmases. The good times and the hard times.

Andrew, Clarissa, Anette and Rachel

All through it all, there was the love.

When I think of true love, I think of them.  I have not been the perfect father but my love for them has been pure.  Now we are in a new era of life as they each exercise their own independence.  In letting them go on their individual paths, I am discovering them again.

Clarissa, Annette, Rachel


They recently entered young adulthood and I marvel that they gave me the gift of fatherhood. No heart symbol or box of chocolates can describe the feeling I have for these babies of mine.

So I sit back awash in these memories and in this fullness in my heart that I have the best Valentine Day ever.  I have my true loves in my life.

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