Finding Strength In Coming Out

Max Adler who plays Dave Kurofsky in Glee falls into deep depression after coming out

Last night, I watched the winter finale episode of Glee and was absolutely touched by the story line of the character , Dave Kurofsky, the attempted suicide of  the closeted bully who came out.  It was heart wrenching to watch him descend into a state of hopelessness after being attacked from all sides for being gay. It is sobering how many of us have been faced with the same harassment or worse, and have considered ending our lives.

Dave Kurofsky ( Max Adler) gets bullied after coming out

It was wake up call not only to his character but also to his friends and family.  Such questions as to who close to us faces such depression where checking out of life seems like the only option.  It was one of the best episodes I have seen on Glee.

I have posted a Youtube video below of a young man who was outed by people he trusted.  I felt he spoke with such conviction and courage. I hope he is surrounded by support and love.  His life , like all others, is worth it.

As you think of what you just saw, I thought some of the behind the scenes comments of the actors of Glee about the suicide storyline really was relevant.

For example, Ciara Thomas, a writer for the website (“America‘s Mental Health Channel”) states that, “For a number of years, researchers have known that one-third of all teenagers who commit suicide are gay. In one sense, this statistic is incredibly shocking…This means that they are 300 percent more likely to kill themselves than heterosexual youth.”

The horror of a parent finding his child after an attempted suicide. From Glee, Max Adler plays Dave Kurofsky

“Indeed, that statistic has been widely repeated over the past few weeks, including by Unitarian Minister Debra Haffner in a piece published in the Washington Post a few days ago: “We have known for more than thirty years that at least one third of all suicides to teens are to gay youth,” Haffner told the newspaper.”  – “Is There a Gay Teen Suicide Epidemic?”, Benjamin Radford, Live Science, 10 October 2010.”

These sobering statistics  only show that this subgroup of teens are most affected.  On a larger note, our airwaves are filled with bigotry and hate from what should be societal leadership about being gay.  The irresponsibility on that level has only fueled the fire that has caused such loss.
I hope we all take a look and see how we can be strength and support to these wonderful young people.

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