Perfect Cadence

Sometimes a person comes into your life temporarily where the passion is high and the connection is much more than a sexual tryst.  The moments together flow with perfect cadence that you get lost in each other.  Those moments move slowly with each touch, each kiss and each passionate embrace, moving deeply in your soul.  There is perfect vulnerability and transparency.

Talking came easily as the listening ,  as if from years of knowing each other and not simply one day.  Kisses were tender and yet filled with the hunger of never parting.

We did.  We parted.

He left on an airplane back somewhere back  to the mid west.

It has been days since I have been with him and he is fresh on my mind and heart.  Now he will live on as a memory that I will retrieve once in a while when I am wistful for what could have been if distance and paths were not so separate.

I shed a few tears.  Perhaps there will be another.

3 thoughts on “Perfect Cadence

  1. this is beautiful miss peee….this is how I feel when I meet the “right” one but they live in a different city or foreign country! 😦

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