Knowing Me So Well

I love the people in our lives who know us so well that they see past our masks and even the changes in our habits, to the most subtle nuances.  I have people in my life   both in my family and within a handful of friends who have this capacity.  I often wonder what causes that level of connection.  It is easy for me to understand that instinct in a mother, but when it extends beyond that, it does leave me in wonderment.

I am not talking about a romantic connection either, but about that deep caring and friendship where the bond is so deep that auto sync is on all the time. These friends are often the ones who come up to me when everyone else is telling me how happy I look, and ask me , “What’s wrong?”  One friend knows that if I do not reply to him quickly on IM, he can narrow it down to a couple of activities that I may be involved in that prevents me from answering his texts. He always right.

Another can simply tell by what I say, my muted facial expressions or even Facebook posts  and know something is up.

There is also the non-verbal communication that can take place with these friends with the clearest understanding.  This connection transcends the body and operates on some larger plane.

Sometimes it is annoying, but deep down inside I am grateful.  There are times when life becomes so difficult that those who know us best can help lift us back up, when we forget how to or forget who we are sometimes.

That is good.

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