Today is her funeral.  I only found out an hour before it was scheduled .  It was like how I found out about her death, a few day after it happened.  There had been no communication from her family to us. I really did not expect any, Lucy had limited her communications during her bout with a voracious brain tumor. However, my heart is heavy and tears have fallen with the passing away of this dear friend who has been like a sister , confidante and amazing example to me.

Lucy and I worked at the Credit Card  division of WAMU which was later bought out by Chase several years ago.  Our office was located in Pleasanton, California.  We sat next to each other during most of that period. We helped managed vendors.

She was brilliant and had a great tenacity to understand data and put it together.  She was clear thinking and was able read people very well. Lucy worked hard and smart. We were kindred spirits at work and often lunched together.  We shared stories of our lives and hopes together.

She was a great mother and loved her children.  She worked for them.  In some ways she reminded me of my own mother in her dedication to her children.

I remember her laughter.  It will spill out to just a loud joyful sound when something tickled her.  She would always laugh and enjoy my latest stories of either my weekends out in the Castro or some other crazy thing.

She was a dutiful daughter to her parents. She always put her needs last.

I cannot believe she is no longer here in body with us.  In the last few months of her life I had no contact with her mostly because she was dealing with such a heavy burden and I can only  imagine the thought of leaving her children was foremost on her her mind.

I weep for their loss.  I weep because I will deeply miss her.

However, I am thankful that I had the privilege of knowing one of the best persons who I have ever met in my life who had given me the privilege of her friendship.

Lucy,  your light will live on with all who knew you and your beautiful children you loved.

Gone Too Soon

by:   JP Leddy

The empty space cannot be filled

Where her smile lit souls

Her laughter now lines memories

Soaked with tears of hearts longing 

For one more day of her voice 

Her eyes sparkling in joy

As we realize our friend

Has gone too soon

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