Magic Mike – Just Hooting and Hollering at the Movies

With  the buzz about  the likes of Tatum Channing and Matthew Mcconaughey leading the cast of handsome, hottie hunks playing male strippers in the movie Magic Mike, you know that movie going public was ready for some fun.  The movie did not disappoint in that department , especially for the straight female audience and gay male population.  However, there was a likability about this film that went beyond the obvious eye candy.  Most of it was due to the male leads.  Matthew Mcconaughey  delivered the strongest performance in the film with his sleazy but very human owner of male strip joint and lead dance leader.

He embodies the self absorbtion of being a male dancer who seduces the women in the audience and treats it almost like a calling.  He has an insane sense of mission mixed in with an unscrupulous need for profit.


He treats his dancers like brothers and families, until the moment of betryal or they no longer contribute to the group.

Tatum Channing actually has some good range in the movie and is obviously the most talented and moving  dancer among the men.

The movie has about 3 or more integral and intertwining  separate sub plots.

Besides all of it there is enough male tush, hot guys in uniform doing spicy dance routines, and a good time with friends.   That is where the real magic happens.

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