So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 Top 20 – Stand Outs!

Audrey Case and Matthew Kazmierczak

My favorite reality competition show, So You Think You can Dance   has their top 20 dancers performed as duets  this past week.  As the weeks progress and with America‘s votes the lowest vote getters will be eliminated.  The final male and final female dancers will be awarded top honors.

Cole Horibe and Lindsay Arnold

There were definitely some stand out performances this last week.  The level of talent and competition is high so this makes the expectations even more demanding.  I especially felt that Matthew Kamierczak and Audrey Case’s contemporary routine that was choreographed by Travis Wall was wonderful.

The other standout couple were Cole Horibe and and Lindsay Arnold who did a Paso Doble routine choreographed by Jason Gilkison.  It was hailed by the judges as the best Paso Doble routine performed since the show started several seasons ago.

I can’t wait to see future performing numbers from these great dancers.

The show airs on Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Pacific.

2 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 Top 20 – Stand Outs!

  1. I agree with the judges, the Paso Doble performed by Cole Horibe and Lindsay Arnold was one of the best I’ve ever seen since watching the show. The execution of each move was emotional and precise. Matthew Kamierczak and Audrey Case’s contemporary, Titanic inspired routine was very expressive! I have not yet had the chance to watch tonight’s episode but I set it up to record on my Hopper, by suggestion of a Dish coworker. I love this equipment because with the push of a button I can completely skip commercials with the Auto Hop feature. I love it because I no longer have to watch commercials when I watch shows recorded during prime time on the major networks.

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