Lifting the Burden Of Change

There are days when folding up into oneself and shutting the world out seems like a great alternative to reality.  Sometimes, I feel like that, especially when major change is coming into any area of my life.  I don’t really sink that low into the pit.  I do take a breather.  I think that is good sometimes.

There usually is no great revelation that happens in the process, but I find that it allows me to handle the emotional part of it better so that the stress does not loom on me like some dark and foreboding cloud.

Young Man Sitting by the Seashore – Jean Hippolyte Flandrin

I need quiet and isolation so I can be alone with my thoughts.  There is a battle that takes place , where feeling like an absolute failure becomes intoxicating because it offers me the false hope of unburdening the weight of change on me.  The recourse would be to hide or run from it.

Of course, that scenario never works and is always disastrous.  With that option not being an alternative,  I find myself using whatever means, in those quiet moments with myself, to get out of my narrow blindness and open my eyes to the broader picture.  With that view, I can see over the dark cloud  to a successful and better situation on the horizon.  I just need to  face the change head on and deal  with it.

Once my mind and heart are open, then it is always good for me to talk to a close confident and friend.  That does wonders to lift me out of the pit.  I also find comfort that someone is there to cheer me on to the finish line.

One ingredient that  is always helpful to me after all those previous steps are done is to be lost in love with another.  Love is simply the ingredient that sweetens life and makes the burden of change more manageable. Of course, romance is wistful hope.

I can meet change on my own and be successful.

This process reminds me that life will always be filled with changes.  Some of them will be major, some will be painful but all will be beneficial if we are able to learn from them and use them as our spring board to a better future.  More importantly, allowing the process to  spring board us to become our better selves.

2 thoughts on “Lifting the Burden Of Change

  1. Yes, change can be a bitch but like you said if we meet it head on, allow us some quiet time and challenge ourselves to become one with change we can be successful at whatever it is that is thrown our way. Friends, family and especially a partner can always make a difference especially when we talk about it because we know they are there for support and most of all knowing they love us and are rooting us on! Thanks JP

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