X Factor Contestant Jeffrey Adam Gutt Delivers on “Hallelujah” and a Star is Born

X Factor contestant, Jeffrey Adam Gutt

There are some great contestants on the X Factor this year, but Jeffrey Adam Gutt, took the often used “Hallelujah”  in auditions and made it his own.  I have not seen such a soulful performance like this in a long time.  He literally established himself as a frontrunner in this contest and also as a first rate rock star.

Demi Lovato said, ” He is like the Josh Groban of Rock and Roll.”  To which Simon responded. “Better.”  I could not have seen it better.


Gutt is a 36 year old single dad with a four year old son, who is betting everything on his music career.  He says, ” Failure is not an option, at this point. I need that record deal. It is vital to my and my son’s life.”  This was the first time his son saw his dad performed.

The passion came out in his performance.  It was a TV moment.  Like L.A. Reid, exclaimed, “I am a fan.”

I am too.  The world just discovered Jeffrey Adam Gutt.

2 thoughts on “X Factor Contestant Jeffrey Adam Gutt Delivers on “Hallelujah” and a Star is Born

  1. This guy right here made me a believer in true talent. He seemed so laid back and so involved with his son that when he started to sing my mouth dropped open. I really was not expecting this powerful voice to be in that skinny body and he absolutely killed it with this song. This is just one of the many reasons why I’m recording this show for the remainder of the season on my Hopper. Jeff had a real stage presence that felt natural and it was really surprising to find out that his son had never heard him sing before. My DISH co-workers were definitely on board with his performance just like the judges. I think that there is a good chance that no matter what happens from here on out, we’ll be seeing Jeff Gutt again.

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