Election – More Than The Economy, Also About Equality

Yes, we saw a hotly contested race for President.  The economy definitely was and will be a factor.  Most people think that this has been the complete driver for President Obama’s re-election.  Simply people thinking he has the best solution.  That is certainly part of the reason.

However, some of the real divisiveness was in the undercurrent with such topics as marriage equality and overall gay rights.  These issues were clear separations between the two parties.  It was also found in their rhetoric and in their platforms.

There are many ( especially those not directly affected)  who will dismiss the whole equality movement and simply take an economic focus on this election. Pushing it down like some nuisance or unimportant issue.  They try to argue unemployment is so high why do we waste time on equality?

In a democratic society and in one that prides itself in the freedom of the individual and in the masterpiece of the constitution, such a question when said out loud seems so foreign.  Equality and economic viability go hand in hand.   Societies that dismiss the minorities especially in democratic ones pay  a dear cost eventually.  A civil war was held in our early years, where slavery was considered an economic necessity over human rights.

People in Seattle celebrate Washington state voting to endorse gay marriage and legalise the recreational use of marijuana. Photograph: Dean Wenick/Dean Wenick/Demotix/Corbis

In the 60’s the walls of segregation were thrown down in the midst of violence, simply because relegating a group of the citizens to some sort of second class status is first of all, not right.  In the long run,  the economic feasibility of such policies fail.   There is a reason why it is called the FREE market and not only for its economic policies but for its level playing field.

So when we see four additional states by popular vote weigh in for marriage equality and a President who backs equality,  that affects how people vote.  It shows that there is room on the table for everyone. It defines this democracy or at least our idea of it.

There are enormous issues ahead for this country when we talk about economic goals and where we need to be and I am very aware of them.  Believe me it has affected me personally.   Bigotry also does.   So broke or not, I want to know that I am treated equally in the law and it is spelled out.   Nothing should be assumed if it is not written and protected by our highest laws.  That is what has been the case with any human rights movement.

Obama’s win shows that more of us want an America with that vision across all areas of life.  We believe that it is a fundamental of economic stability. It must be built into the model.

I feel more optimism in my heart that this country will emerge as a vanguard of this vision and the rights we all hold self -evident.

Equality counts!

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