Rachel and Clarissa – My Two Other Daughters Fill Me With Joy


There is something truly wonderful when one becomes the father of one daughter. I did.  Then, but happiness overflows when you have the great joy of having more.  I did.   I already wrote about my other daughter Annette.  I now like to write about my two other beautiful girls , Rachel and Clarissa.

Rachel is my second daughter and child.  She was my first one born on Guam where I was born and looks very much the island girl but still favors come of the Italian looks of her mother.  She is artistic and feels deeply.  She excels in whatever endeavor she engages in and quickly moves up in any job she takes on.

She is a single mom and has given us our first granddaughter, Tasi Sabrina.   Rachel is a survivor and is able to navigate most situations with no real fear. She has a toughness of spirit. However, there is a softness in her and it takes a while to get to that part. She and her older sister are close but they can also can fight like cats if they cross each other. Luckily over the years , that has abated and their love and loyalty to each other is really strong.

Rachel is creative and I love that about her.  He beautiful eyes won me over when I first saw them.

Clarissa is my baby.  She is smart, intuitive, strong willed and the most cerebral of my daughters.  She loves learning, questioning and challenging.  She is an anime fanatic and sees it as an art form and also as creative outlet.  She loves the stage. Her imagination has real depth and expanse.

She was also born on Guam but did not spend much time there and grew up most of her time in Utah.  I remember that she was a big baby and real healthy. She was beautiful and and grown more each day. She is a reminder to me on how much time as flown.  My baby has grown up.


My daughters bring smiles to face but real joy to my life.  I am amazed that they are a part of me.

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