Father’s Day- Looking To My Children

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As each Father Day comes and go and I think about about my three daughters and my son, now all grown up, I believe that the greatest happiness that I have derived from life are the moments that I have had in the past and continue to have with them as their father.

Their births defined me in many ways and took me to a place where I never knew I could love as much I do them.  Even after their mother and I divorced and we lived apart, they were always in my heart.  So through those years turned from daily interactions in the home to visits with gaps in-between , I have learned too well, that they grow up too quickly.  I truly credit their mother for raising them into the beautiful individuals they are today.

Somehow we have stayed all connected and, in adulthood, I am enjoying them so much more.  My idea of vacations is really just to spend more time with them.  I have been involved with starting my own business and that has delayed part of that dream but it is why I am doing it. I want to achieve that dream to be with them more.

They are beginning to have families of their own and we are drawing into each other.  So this Father’s Day as I look ahead, I am  truly looking to my children who gave me that title in the first place.  It is about love, the kind I only have for them and the kind that I desire to fill my life.

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