Gravity Rises To The Top


One of the most stunning movies that I have seen ever.  Gravity is no where near the bottom of the movies heap released this year. It is on top with the very few stellar movies to make it to the big screen in 2013.

This is the first movie I have seen where 3d special effects did not distract me. I felt completely immersed into the IMAX screen joining the actors as they experienced space.  I felt the illusion of movement  as if I were part of the film.

Sandra Bullock does an excellent job of bringing the human factor to this very visual film. She holds up against all the special effects and we remember the great actress she truly is in every way. George Clooney was also a great asset to the film and fell in naturally into the role as Bullock’s co-astronaut.

George Clooney  in Gravity

George Clooney in Gravity

The wonder and terror of space was really captured in Gravity. Kudos to Director ,Alfonso Cuarón’s vision and translating it into the film.  He is a cinematic, artistic genius.

It is a must seen film that must be watched on an IMAX screen. It is a true movie going experience in the tradition of great film making.

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