Frozen – A Very Warm Holiday Classic Is Born


There are a few times when a new classic family movie emerges on the big screen.  Frozen is this film and comes at a holiday season already marred with shopper caused killings at Walmart on Black Friday.   This film brings together some of the magic from Disney past with some very modern themes including a great non-traditional very much welcomed ending from all previous movies.

The music used throughout the film is also  flavored with melodies that give you bring you that familiar Disney feeling.  However there are also some tunes you would have on rotation with some of your other pop music on your iPod.    There is romance, humor, thrills, magic, and the scenery fills up the screen.  The theme of family underlies the whole story as well as friendship. There even is a jab at the whole traditional Disney “Fall in love at first sight and live happily ever after” story line seen in almost all of the original movies.  At last!

Based loosely on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen”  the story follows two princesses and their tale of how magic has affected their lives and threatens to destroy them and everyone else. There is a villain but not in a traditional sense.

The supporting characters of Olaf, the Snowman and the reindeer, Sven, literally steal scenes and provide comic relief.  This movie makes you fall in love with trolls.  The main characters of Anna and her sister Elsa provide one of the best sister stories to come out of the Disney library of movies.

If you want to take your family or yourself to that special place that only a really great Disney classic can take you, see Frozen, your heart will warm up just right for the holidays.

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