Now There Is Three – The Voice

"The Voice" Season 5 finalists: Jacquie Lee, Will Champlin and Tessanne Chin. (Trae Patton / NBC / December 10, 2013)

“The Voice” Season 5 finalists: Jacquie Lee, Will Champlin and Tessanne Chin. (Trae Patton / NBC / December 10, 2013)

I have been watching The Voice faithfully this season and have really been impressed by the talent.  I know that the decision last night to trim the contestants from five to three was difficult. The caliber of the talent has been that high on the show.

Each judge has mentored a group of singers.  Team Adam Levine has two contestants in the final, and Will Chaplin. Team Christina Aguilera has one candidate , Jacquie Lee.  This the first time in Voice history that judge Blake Shelton has had no one in his team in the finals.  A singer of his team has won the voice competition for the past three seasons.

In my opinion, Team Adam’s candidates are the stronger of the three.  Chin offers a exotic and powerful singing style that brings memorable performances on stage. Her voice is amazing and she has real presence.   Chaplin is a different kind of music artist who I believe is the most talented all around.  He also has a great voice and you feel the deep love and commitment to his singing.  He truly has emerged as one brilliant talent.

Either of the two will make great winners of the Voice this season and will deserve it.

Lee is also a great talent. She is young, has a great voice and is very marketable.  Those elements can make her take the competition.  However, I believe talent wise the other two outshine her.

Whoever wins, I believe that this season of the Voice will produce the biggest crop of singers to be signed by labels.   Even Cole Vosbury and James Wolpert , who did not make the finals are assured long careers in the music industry.

James Wolpert

James Wolpert

Cole Vosbury

Cole Vosbury

The Voice continues to prove itself as a great talent finder and truly entertaining program to watch.

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