American Idol – New Season, Better And Promising


Yes, the ratings have been down, but I believe that the current season of American Idol has been suffering from some of the trends from previous seasons and the audience needs something more authentic and less circus-like from this talent show that started all the copycat shows that followed.

If the first two episodes are any indication, the show is on the right footing and with enough buzz and with the show maintaining this better integrity, I believe that the ratings numbers can grow.  The reason I believe this is for the following reasons:

  1. Less mean and better talent.   The criticisms from the judges are very constructive and , even with those who are not making the cuts at their auditions, the comments have stayed positive and very kind.  Also, the audition process is focusing more on the better talent and not on  those who don’t even have a chance.
  2. Great chemistry between qualified judges.   Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick, Jr. and Keith Urban work well together.  There is still humor but  there is also great, palpable chemistry.  They are also united in being honest about their opinions without getting out of hand. The three judges may differ in their opinions but it all comes from a credible knowledge of music, performance and also authenticity.   They really want to give the right talent their break.
  3. The focus is on the talent. Even though the judges play a big role on the show and are celebrities, the focus is really where it needs to be  and that is on the potential contestants and their chances at being the next American Idol.  That is the best directional change.
  4. Engaging the audience earlier.  I believe that the polls they have been doing on certain contestants with TV audience participation is working to keep everyone engaged and capitalizing on the role of  importance of the audience role in this journey to pick the next Idol.  They really hone in on this kind of participation so I am glad they have expanded it more.
  5. Ryan Seacrest.  He has been the phenomenal emcee and the glue that is really held this show together.  He is brilliant with the judges and the contestants.  He is especially good with handling the contestants who are not selected and are really taking it hard.  He is masterful in that process. He was there from the beginning and America loves him.

American Idol still gets great ratings numbers , even if they have slumped from previous years.  I think that will change for the better.  In reality, it has been the most successful talent show that has consistently produced the most stars , not only in music, but in all areas of entertainment.

So I urge you to tune in, Season 13 looks like a great one!

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