Transcendence – Thoughtful With No Surprises

Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall in Transcendence

Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall in Transcendence

With technology gaining more of a foot hold on our every day lives, many books and current movies have focused on its effect on our humanity. Transcendence is the newest addition to films with these themes.   Johnny Depp gives a very good performance as an assassinated scientist where his brain is downloaded into a computer. This joining of man and technology makes his consciousness live on and even perfected in many ways.  The question is , “Is this a good thing?”

The plot line is thick with tackling the fears that people would have if such sentient artificial intelligence existed. It explores the extreme sides of either part of the issue.  It gives a very thoughtful path that the audience can chew on about where humanity begins and ends.

There are different factions represented in the movie and each is touched on in some way or the other.

I felt the themes in the  movie have been explored  before and there were no surprises in the film. It was easy to guess the next  part of the story.  However, because the general story themes have been used by other books and films, Transcendence as a whole, lacked originality.

Kudos also goes out to another cast member, Rebecca Hall, who plays Depp’s character’s , wife.  Her vulnerability and quest to finish her husband’s project is mindfully played where I felt some of the opposing forces she was dealing with come to,life.

I would say stream or buy the DVD when it comes out soon, save the cost of a theater ticket.



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