Godzilla Returns With A Roar




Watching Godzilla called me back to my youth watching these movies from Japan about this iconic monster.  2014’s Godzilla calls back to the original at the heart of the movie. What could not be accomplished in special effects back then is now replete with sensational scenes in this  epic vision of Godzilla in 2014.

There is nothing based in reality and logic about Godzilla, except for the underlying warning about the dangers of nuclear driven technology in both commercial as well as military use.  The monsters in the movie are simply a personification of our darkest fears about it.

On a lighter note, Godzilla is a great way to escape through the magic of the big screen. It inspires popcorn inhaling as you are drawn into the story about a family and about gargantuan monsters.  It is not a complicated script and I don’t think it was aspiring to be that kind of movie.

However, it truly is a fun movie experience where you are not supposed to analyze but to simply enjoy the ride. It is like a wonderful roller coaster ride that makes the battles amid landmark cities like San Francisco and Las Vegas, so much fun.

I saw it on an IMAX screen in 3D.  It was worth it.

Kudos for the special effects people, they did a great job of depicting a relatively realistic version of San Francisco (where I live) and a great depiction of its destruction.

Godzilla is definitely a movie to watch to get an early start on a fun summer movie season.


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