So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 Bring Great, New Talent


SYTCD continues to be my favorite talent reality competition show.  There is a rawness and honesty in the dance performances that you do not see in other forms of art like singing. You cannot hide mistakes or inexperience.  It shows.

Season 11 brings another crop of great dancers.  The top 20 have been selected. The dancers are diverse this year showcasing many styles of dance so the season should be pretty exciting. The dancers are :Ricky Ubeda,Jessica Richens, Jacque LeWarne, Teddy Coffey,Stanley Glover,Carly Blaney,Emilio Dosal,Bridget Whitman,Valerie Rockey,Zach Everhart, Jr,.Jourdan Epstein,Casey Askew,Emily James,Nick Garcia,Tanisha Belnap,Serge Onik,Malene Ostegaard,Marcquet Hill,Brooklyn Fullmer, and Rudy Abreu.

An early standout is Ricky Ubeda, for his youth, has both skill and emotional depth as shown in his last solo before he was informed that he made the Top 20.

Another skilled dancer and big personality is Rudy Abreu:

Another standout was : Marcquet Hill

With the ladies , some of the best were:

Jourdan Epstein

Another lady dancer to watch out for is: Malene Ostegaard:

Stay tuned, looks like a great season!

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