The Hilarious Tammy


High-powered actors fill the characters in the light but hilarious summer comedy, Tammy.  It is definitely Melissa McCarthy’s( Tammy)  funniest film role since the likes of Bridesmaids. Her co-star Susan Sarandon ( Tammy’s grandmother) reminds us how funny she really can be and delivers one of the best funny lady performances this year.

The story is about a sad sack, sorry, directionless lady with a failing marriage  working in a dead end job. When she she goes through  a life changing, shattering event she decides to go on a road trip. Her grandmother volunteers herself, much to Tammy’s chagrin, to tag alone.

Thus begins a hilarious journey of the kind of painful ( and to the audience , often funny) self -evaluation for Tammy as she decides what to do next in her life.  She goes through a lot of mishaps to find out.

Adding to the strong cast include (but are not all):  Allison Janney, Kathy Bates, Sandra Oh, Dan Ankroyd, Toni Collette. They all brought on strong, funny performances.

The only thing I would like Melissa McCarthy to do now is try to find roles that are really different from the ones she has been playing and see if she can do more dramatic roles. I believe that she has the acting chops to do so and to them well.

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