Scorpion – Genius Is Human


One of the shows that has premiered this fall on CBS is Scorpion.  It focuses on a team of highly intelligent individuals with super IQ’s engaged by the government to counter threats of various kinds.  The team is highly logical and in many ways socially and emotionally dysfunctional.

This is when new team member and former single mom waitress, Paige Dineen ( played by Katherine McPhee) adds that balance with her son, a genius also who she desperately wants to nurture. She finds the team to be a great source of strength for her boy and they find her to be the needed  impetus to find their more human qualities.

The show is filled with likable characters, interesting story lines and enough humor and action to be enjoyed by the whole family.( maybe not for very young children).

The acting is good and there is a lot of chemistry especially with the characters of lead actors, McPhee and Elyes Gabel who plays Walter O’Brien.

Scorpion is a good watch.





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