My Boy

Andrew Leddy and his father, JP Leddy

Andrew Leddy and his father, JP Leddy

My Boy

By: JP Leddy

His loud birth cry matched my loud yell

As the doctor confirmed ,  “It’s a Boy.”

My little partner, my little boy

He jumped into life, like he jumped into everything

Active, Curious, Mischievous, Daring, Intelligent

Sweet, caring, loving , wonderful boy

Horsie rides every night and stories about heroes I told

He listened, fighting sleep until the Sandman won

Life dealt us some blows and we drifted apart

Dark , empty days with dark, empty hearts

But somehow through a force greater than it all

We found what once was ours… and it continues to grow

My boy is not a boy , but a man so strong

My heart leaps with pride as this son of mine

Lives a life with honor and being kind

I still yell inside with that shout of a Dad

I love this man, this boy of mine.

( I dedicate this poem to my son, Andrew Leddy on his 26th birthday)

I love you , son


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