JOY – One of the Best Movies of 2015


Jennifer Lawrence in Joy

Joy is the right combination of  a great story, great acting and visuals that make this film powerful.  It reaches the core of what it is to be an American and to try to reach for the American Dream.

Yes, it focuses on the story of a woman , who despite all the distractions and obligations of her life, reaches for her dream.  She faces setbacks, naysayers and the often rough atmosphere of business.

It definitely is a must see for all women and daughters.  However, the film resonated with me as a man, a minority and one who believes in the opportunity that this country offers to those who work hard and keep persistent even against what looks to be insurmountable odds.

We often buy into messages from society and others who feed negativity and failure into our minds and souls.  Joy helps us see that these messages are simply empty noise and a distraction to her achieving success.

Jennifer Lawrence , again, shows us she has the acting mettle to take on meaty roles.  Robert De Niro ,Bradley Cooper ,Édgar Ramírez, Diane Ladd ,Virginia Madsen , Isabella Rossellini and Dascha Polanco make up the other part of the ensemble , stellar cast.

I know we all want to see Star Wars.  Go ahead and see it.  However, make time for Joy and enjoy a great, award worthy movie that you will be glad that you watched.



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