“Son of a Preacher Man” Has Poignant Meaning in Tom Goss’s New Music Video

SOPM Screen Shot 3

When I watched this music video of the newly interpreted “Son of a Preacher Man” by music artist, Tom Goss,  what was in my heart bursted and revealed itself in tears.

Words hurt and they can kill.

The music video poignantly brings the issue down to home following a couple of young men who have fallen for each other. You see their beautiful connection.

This relationship plays against religious rhetoric which harshly denounces their same sex attraction in vile destructive words while trying to rationalize it as being done with a spirit of love. Of course, these words don’t result in love but in intolerance with many who hear the words, which has dire consequences for these young men.

SOPM Screen Shot 2

At the end of the music video, a fantasy scene occurs where the boys run away. What is interesting about love,  it is always welcoming and there is no fear and judgement attached. We run from hate.

The father, a preacher, failed to use  eyes of love to truly see his son.  In fact, his words showed, that he came from a place centered only in his own intolerance and bigotry.


Many LGBT young people lined our urban cities as homeless and forgotten because their families , rather than creating safe havens for them, sentenced them not only to life on the streets, but for some, a death penalty in the form of suicide.

With reference to the Trevor Project at the end of the music video, we are admonished to do our part to end this epidemic of hate.

Please forward this music to all your friends and family.  The music can be downloaded on iTunes.

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