Looking Forward

Hello! My name is Rissa Leddy and I am the youngest daughter of JP.

My Uncle Tim reached out to me with an extremely touching offer to continue this blog. His heartfelt offer was “You express your thoughts very well, just like your Dad. I think it would be awesome to continue it and keep his writings available and then for yours to be added.”

Woo, the pressure! I will not claim to be the charismatic writer and speaker my father was. There are sure to be typos and all kinds of shenanigans. However, I am proud to be compared to my father at all. Our family is very opinionated to put it lightly. Though I like to think we balance that with our unwavering loyalty to family and love for others. We do take time to listen…sometimes after we have given a thorough response. While stubborn, we aren’t unmovable, and have minds that are open to being wrong. That flexibility is what allows such a diverse family of opinions to work.

I’ve thought what I’d like to write about. Looking at my father’s past posts it was a mix of everything. Movie and TV reviews, reflective personal pieces, politics, and a bit of everything. I’ll admit, my life experience will be much different. I’m a 30 year old geek trying to still figure out her life. A late bloomer in every sense. My posts my be uncomfortable for their bluntness and awkwardness. But, that is what he would have wanted.

My father was the one who encouraged this eccentric girl to be myself. We adored Star Trek: Next Generations and Broadway plays. We talked in depth about a director’s choice in our favorite tv shows and movies. We made stupid jokes and laughed at seemingly nonsensical things. His greatest gift was allowing me to become me, without a hint of disappointment.

True, while the majority of my relationship with my father was positive, there was momentary downs. That is life. I may come to write about that too.

In conclusion, I’ll carry this on by posting anything about life that matters to me. Big or small. Because in the end this blog was a snapshot into what mattered to my father. And what matters most is love.

To put the face with the words:

Me, glammed up by my sister Annette

Me, goofed up by my niece Tasi

What people expect vs what my personality is

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