The American Idol Bug – We got it BAD!

Ryan Seacrest and David Archuleta



Yep…..  we watched it mostly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  However, if it were shown on Mondays or Thursdays, we would watch it, also.  We would also watch those other specials associated with it on networks like American Idol Extra or Idol Chat or Idol Tonight or Idols-Where are they now? We will watch them on shows like Larry King Live, Regis and Kelly and the Today Show. It was never enough.

David Cook

Yes, that was us at the office, our motley crew in financial services.  We were Idol fans…Idol addicts.  

We were judges, fans, critics, cheerleaders, music experts, and voters.   We would cheer and jeer.  We comment on fashion choice or Paula’s latest comments. We each had a favorite contestant. We knew how to text and phone in votes like the best of them.  

American Idol fill our weeks and took over our conversations in between business reviews and project meetings.  We had more conversations about Jason Castro’s dredlocks, Brooke forgetting her lines and Carly’s tatooed arm.  We were more concern about the ” Two Davids” finals then our falling stock price. 

These kids could sing.  We loved them. 

What an year for Idol!  How crazy are we for loving it so much!  You know it was fun!  Can’t wait for next year!


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