Dunkin Rachel Ray over Her Scarf – Holy Terror!

Rachel Dunkin Donuts

Okay, okay, so maybe not all her 30 minute meals really took 30 minutes. Come on fashion police, that black and white number of a scarf she was wearing may not be the most flattering accessory to wear when promoting the coffee line of cholesterol clogging Dunkin Donuts…but to call her a terrorist loving suicide sympathizer!    That is going too far!

Rachel Ray is so far off from being anywhere from that image. I mean have you ever seen her in the kitchen?  That lady would never stand to be around those nasty, smelling militant types!  She will never use bombs or violence to win her arguments.  She will just whip up the best pasta dish with the right cheese sauce served with red wine wine that would soothe the palates of any warring parties, and a peace treaty would be signed within 30 minutes.

Pulling a commercial because of a scarf!  I feel like I just walked into an episode of the Twilight Zone and any moment Rod Sterling is going to walk out and start his narration.  Maybe this is an episode of Punk’d and Ashton Kutcher is about to announce the joke.


3 thoughts on “Dunkin Rachel Ray over Her Scarf – Holy Terror!

  1. Not only is this ridiculous, but dunkin donuts should be boycotted for taking off the ad and giving in to a dumb columnist…i will be the first to do so.

  2. I really think the big story about Dunkin Donuts should be about their use of styrofoam cups. They harm the environment and our personal health from consuming beverages from stryofoam cups. Billions of Dunkin Donut cups end up in landfills every year they should get rid of them completely. I wish that was the big story!!!


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