Battlestar Galatica – Finding Earth and Nothing…

Like the climatic end of the journey for the Israelites in their exodus from Egypt. led by their Prophet leader Moses into their promise land, the mid-season finale of the popular Sci Fi Channel series, Battle Star Galatica, chronciled the end of the long voyage of the surviving group of humans, across light years to the planet Earth.  In their legends and religious records, Earth was the purported home of a  13th colony or tribe that left their home worlds millennia before. 

The journey started when through betrayal their planets were destroyed by nuclear war by a robotic race( Cylons) originally created by them.  So advanced are these Cylons that they created flesh covered human like beings. Some of them were aboard the human ships which are now fleeing to find Earth.

The series is about the exodus journey of the humans while being pursued by the Cylons.

BSG has been one of the most well written series in television.  It uses the science fiction element as a backdrop but is able to weave in stories and concepts that range from racism to religion that are addressed in the complicated fashion as they exist in our modern society. Nothing is easily resolved or answered.  Much of the show is about the process of self discovery and unraveling preconceived notions and out of the box ways of looking at things. It is great TV.


The current series is actually a remake of the more sedate one that aired in the late 70’s based on a series of books written by science fiction author Glen Larsen.

The mid season finale  leaves the viewer wanting more because when the Galatica and Cylons ( now United) reach earth  all they find are ruins which only begs more questions.  This means the journey has not ended. There is no promise land flowing with milk and honey.

We can’t wait when BSG resumes its season again in January 2009.


2 thoughts on “Battlestar Galatica – Finding Earth and Nothing…

  1. I just read another interesting theory. What if, what we believe to be Earth, in the show, is in fact the Cylon homeworld? There are some things that don’t add up to it being our Earth. Namely, the prophecy that a dying leader will not step foot on earth. Secondly, as I watched the fleet in orbit, the landmasses were covered by clouds, leaving no visibly identifiable continents. Thirdly, Starbuck claimed Earth was pristine. So, what about Gaeta’s comment that the constellations line up? Many people speculate that Gaeta could be the final Cylon. Let’s assume he is. His comment about the constellations could be an outright lie. Or, if this is indeed the Cylon homeworld, then indeed the constellations do line up… to those of his homeworld. It would also make sense for D’Anna to leave Gaeta with the Fleet, to manipulate and control them from his position on Galactica. There are clearly some things about him that we do not know. The only person who knows those things is Baltar. What sent Gaeta into a rage when Baltar was being held, and he whispered something in his ear? Why try to kill him?

    I cannot wait til next year!

  2. I knew in advance about the ending to this (one of the nice things about knowing someone who has worked on the show), but I was still damn impressed with how it all unfolded. This is, without a doubt, the best show on TV, and it’s a shame more people don’t watch it. 😦

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