HDTV – Counting One Wrinkle at A Time

Gary and I recently attended the house warming party of our friends, Robert and Alfredo, in San Francisco.  I immediately was drawn to their front room where their big plasma HDTV TV sat.  I am hoping to get one this summer.

Robert put on the musical, Hairspray, that he recorded from one of his premium cable channels.  That movie has a lot of colors so it showed off the TV’s capabilities very well. 

I saw the movie in the theatre when it came out.  I enjoyed it. John Travolta and Christopher Walken were great!  I loved when they did that duet together as Edna and Wilbur Turnblad.  Although, Robert was more critical of Travolta’s performance.  Okay, let me get back to point.


The HDTV experience mesmerized me.  It was LOVE at first resolution line.  First, the vivid, clarity against the pronounced black hues brought the colors out so well.  It was like the screen was dipped in a bowl full of Disney and Pixar. It was beautiful.

The colors were dancing in my eyes.  I was lost to this new dream world. The Idiot Box just got charming.

My world of pure sensation was interrupted but some chatter.  That kind of chatter that had that tinge of high pitch nasal sound that came with critical disdain. The kind my aunties would get when they talked about the newly new divorced neighbor lady who lived next door to my grandmother’s house, every time she brought a new man home.


The chatter was coming out from the mouth of Alfredo and out of the mouth of his friend, Antonio. They were running down the movie and pointing out a lot of negative aspects.  Not exactly.  They were running down the hairstyles, make up and clothes in the movie.   

Before I go on,  Alfredo just completed his first semester in cosmetology school so of course he is now a fashion and style expert.   Apparently,  HDTV just brought all of his skill sets to the surface.  He noticed every bad wig line, every make up imperfection.  Every wrinkle line. I mean EVERY wrinkle line.  

From what he and Antonio were saying, you would think we were watching a horror movie!  Alfredo made Michelle Pfeiffer sound like a skinny, wrinkled ghoul. I looked at her through lenses of HDTV.  I did see wrinkles.  OMG!  There were a lot! 

I started seeing pimples and other things on the other actors’ faces. The clarity of HDTV made everything look a lot more fake.  Everyone aged a decade or two.

As I was about to fall into despair thinking that HDTV will take away the fantasy out of TV.  That it will take away all the impossible perfected images we see portrayed in TV that I  love;  and that it make these gods and goddesses of the small screen  seem… well….ordinary…like me..  Yes, just as the tube was about to burn out in my mind,   Alfredo said , with the finesse of Joan Rivers, “They are coming up with special make up for HDTV.”  

Hope rose in my heart.  I leaned over to Gary. I am getting one of those HDTV’s before the end of the summer.  Only bigger.


How about you?





3 thoughts on “HDTV – Counting One Wrinkle at A Time

  1. Just to clarify, cause that’s what I do 🙂

    None of the the TVs pictured in the post are mine. Mine is a Panasonic 42 inch plasma, and from Costco. I HIGHLY recommend buying from Costco as their return policy is one of the, if THE, best in the industry. For TVs, iPods, and computers it’s 90 days, no questions asked, except “credit or a full refund?”…nice! Apparenlty, also, the TV model was the highest rated by consumer reports right before I bought it, so I heard from people discussing the set on the web. I researched it well before I purchased.

    Keep in mind, the performance of the set, the color, brightness, saturation, etc, was not optimized for our living room yet. Supposedely, you have to let plasma TVs burn in about 100 hours before you adjust the settings too drastically, to prevent some type of image burn in. I don’t know if that’s as true with “modern” plasma sets, but it can’t hurt.

    Also, Travolta was horrible in the movie. He didn’t really own the character, as much as ham it up playing across gender, as is traditional for the role, and I was distracted by his attempt at whatver accent that was supposed to be. His performance detracted from the movie experience for me. But damn I did love the music! I immediately “sampled” the album off the web too see if I wanted to buy it. Yeah, that’s it, I sampled the album to see if I wanted to buy it….nothing wrong with that, right? 🙂


    PS A bigger HDTV than mine? Size queen! 😛

  2. Thanks , Robert, for your clarification. Yes, none of the TV’s pictured on the article are Robert’s TV. The pictures posted are simply for illustration purposes and show the wide variety that are out there in the market.

    I still disagree with you about Travolta. You know we rarely disagree about movies. So, hey, we can disagree about John in drag.

    I will definitely consider Costco as an option.

    By the way, I think Alfredo will end up being a Fashion and Make up Critic with his own show on Logo or E some day. I think he is going to bypass the whole stylist career path. See, that HDTV television was a good investment!

  3. Well, when (if?) he reads this entry maybe Alfredo will comment as well.

    I did see The Happening (and later snuck into Don’t Mess With the Zohan….it has some benefits to be unemployed, I guess). It wasn’t good. Some real missed opportunities in the film from a writing and message point of view, and some the most wooden acting I have seen since Pinocchio! Whew! So don’t worry about seeing it until it’s free on HBO/Showtime/TMC/etc.

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