Michelle Obama – First Lady in Waiting

I never really watched an interview with Michelle Obama before.  I have read some articles about her. There have been some negative things, most of them taken out of context.  Today, I watched her on today’s episode of the “The View” that I recorded on my DVR.   I had hardly watched the show since Rosie O’Donnell left last summer.

Michelle Obama won me over. I have really liked the message of her husband’s campaign. Today, I could her as our nation’s First Lady.



2 thoughts on “Michelle Obama – First Lady in Waiting

  1. I agree. The media has tried to turn her into something that she isn’t. And assuming Barack wins, she is going to turn into an icon that hasn’t been seen from a first lady since Jacki-O

  2. Not so fast people. Mrs. B.Hussein Osama Obama is doing damage control and using the media to project a picture of herself that is a false one. This woman is full of rage and has so serious anger management control issues. This is not a union without it’s problems as anyone who knows Barry & Michele. They argue and have loud shouting matches. Forget about all that though. The fact rmain hee that this man has no qualifications to be president of the united states. Grass roots my foot!!! His success is all about $$$ and lots of it. My question is how under such difficult economic times can this man be getting people to send in as last reported a minium of $100.00 per donation? I think an investigation into where this money is truly coming from is in order. Something smells bad here. B. Hussein Osama Obama is a Chicago politician with ties to organized crime. That being said can we really trust this person with our future? I’m a firm believer in a person earning there way and it seems to me that this man is getting a free ride just because he is a smooth talking, educated black man. When I listen to him all I hear is a man preaching. The last bthing this county needs is a president whop behaves like a preacher rather then a world leader. I do not care for senator Obama. I dio not trust or believe he is a man who will keep his word. Just yesterday he changed his mind about having his campaign and the way is was suppose to be financed. He signed a document and spoke on many times about the way his campaign would be financed, election reform etc………. Now he wants to finance his own campaign. Of coarse he wants that because he can make much more with these so called donations which in my opinion looks a little shady about where the money is actually coming from. Itis no surprise that Oprah Winfrey & Thersa Hines are B.Husssein Osama Obama supporters. these women have an unlimited amount of money to flow into his campaign under the disguise as regular people who want the first black president. Thes are my thoughts. What are yours. Paul beverly Hills, CA PS – I am a Clinton supporter.

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