Mormon Church Urges California Members to Fight the Gays!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints recently sent an official internal letter to its Church leadership in California urging its members there to fight for a constitutional ban on Same Sex Marriage. This is to counter it’s recent  legalization by the California Supreme Court. 

The official document was leaked to the public and can be found on the site Wikileaks. Please click on the link below to read the actual text.

This has brought a certain amount of controversy even though there is no law against a religious body advising their congregation to vote for or against any government policy, there has been some controversy around any alleged official funding by the church in the past  for similar causes. 

More commonly known as the Mormon Church,  the current efforts have already been met by protest by some active church members such as BYU Professor, Jeffrey Nielsen.

Open Letter to California Mormons   Posted on

“We should never allow our constitutions, whether state of federal, to become weapons in a crusade to impose a particular religious value system upon a pluralistic democracy”by Jeffrey S. Nielsen
24 June 2008

“I am a member of the Mormon Church, a married heterosexual, and a supporter of marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples. I am asking you to pause and give sincere thought to the letter from our religious leaders you have heard read, or will soon hear read, over our church pulpits asking you to get involved and oppose marriage equality in California. Please think deeply about this, not only as a member of a particular church, but also as a citizen of a democracy.
To press for an amendment to a civil constitution that would legalize discrimination against an entire class of people is no small matter, but of the greatest significance. When the argument, no matter how well intentioned, is based solely upon a religious proclamation; then, I believe, it is a serious contradiction of the wisdom of our founding fathers. It also does tremendous damage to the great progress in civil rights we’ve made in our country respecting the equal dignity of each person and towards a more certain legal equality for all citizens.
You should also know, not all faithful Mormons agree with our religious leaders’ encroachment into political matters. In fact, a growing number of active Mormons, who have gay friends and family members, are coming to the conclusion that our current leaders are as mistaken in promoting discrimination against gays and lesbians as was the Mormon hierarchy in the 60’s when they opposed equal rights for people of color, and our Mormon leaders in the 70’s when they opposed legal equality for women.
Of course, religious authorities of any denomination possess the right, and may claim the legitimacy, to set the theology and policy for their religious community. When they; however, attempt to interject religious doctrine into the public spaces of a diverse democracy without reasonable justification, then members, especially faithful members, of that religious organization have the civic responsibility to express public disapproval of such dangerous and undemocratic behavior.
No one is asking that you condone a behavior that might violate your religious faith, but we need to allow everyone the freedom to live their life as they see fit, so long as it does not physically harm another person. After all, religious values must be something an individual freely chooses, not something forced upon him or her by the state. We should never allow our constitutions, whether state of federal, to become weapons in a crusade to impose a particular religious value system upon a pluralistic democracy. Today it might be a particular religious value that we affirm, but tomorrow it might be a religious system, which would seek to legislate against our own sincere beliefs. So now is the time to take a stand and keep separate civil and religious authority.
I do not believe that people choose their sexual orientation any more than they choose their skin color or gender. So to discriminate and deny them equal protection and equal opportunity under civil law because of these natural traits; especially in this case, sexual orientation, is grossly unfair and should be rejected outright in a compassionate and just democracy. If anyone could give me a single reasonable argument against marriage equality in our civil society, which doesn’t make fallacious appeals to tradition, misplaced appeals to religious authority, or make some ridiculous claim about nonhuman animals, then I would like to hear it. So far, no one has been able to present me with even a single justifiable reason.
You should know that like you, family and marriage are very important to me. As I have become acquainted with gay and lesbian couples, I have been touched by their goodness, sincerity, and commitment. I am persuaded that allowing marriage equality would, in fact, strengthen the institutions of family and marriage in our country. Perhaps it might even make all of us a little more considerate and responsible as both marriage partners and parents. I can only hope that the citizens of California, and my fellow Mormons, will possess the wisdom and moral decency to reject the unreasonable and unjust call to discriminate against our gay and lesbian coworkers, friends, neighbors, church members, and family”
The LGBT community is at crossroads in its long fight towards equal rights.  Let us unite and work together,  gay and straight,  to win in California.   To win in the White House.  To win in the Congress. 
The time of the religious, right, wing goliaths who have wielded their sword of bigotry coated with words self righteous piety is done.  We must make this country, the land of the Free again. The home of the Brave.  Of the People and For the People.







3 thoughts on “Mormon Church Urges California Members to Fight the Gays!

  1. I am an active LDS man and have yet to take a position on gay marriage. However, I believe that Jeff Nelson is intentionally misleading others in his statements that the Church fought to prevent equal rights for ‘people of color’ and keeping legal equal rights for women. The Church never fought to prevent equal rights for people of color, what they did do, and wrongly, was to deny blacks the priesthood. This is hardly an attempt to keep people of color from obtaining equal rights under the constitution, they were in fact exercising their own rights under the constitution to practice their religion as they wish. I believe the Church was wrong to deny blacks the priesthood, but what Jeff is saying is misleading. He is also misleading others by saying the Church tried to deny women legal equal rights. What the church did was to fight against the Equal Rights Amendment, which was defeated and has never been resurrected because it was unnecessary. The church has never fought against legal equal rights for women, in fact many of it’s leaders supported equal rights for women in the nineteenth century when they helped provide women with the right to vote. So to say the Church opposed equal rights for women because they did not support the Equal Rights Amendment is misleading . . . and he knows that. Again, the Church deny’s women the right to hold the priesthood, purely a religious act that has nothing to do with equal rights under the constitution.

  2. I too have addressed this very same topic on my blog over at hubpages, but I must say…. the comments are much different.

    Whereas you have responses that are quite negative by Church members themselves, I on the other hand am dealing with the general public. I do believe the public is a much kinder and gentler audience. lol

    I think you have a greater challenge on your hands:-)

    Thanks for posting this. I found you on digg. Nice to know you…


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