Thirty Years of Raising Voices for Equality In Song!

During a late evening in November 1978,  an informal gathering took place on the steps of the San Francisco City Hall.  Singing started.  It was the night of the assassination of  San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Gay Activist/City Supervisor Harvey Milk.   This was the first beginnings of what was to be known as the world famous San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus.

The official debut of the Chorus happened that year on December 2Oth.   This year it celebrates it’s 30th anniversary.  During that three decade period, the Chorus has performed at many venues including the Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall.


It has become a symbol for the gay pride movement and the spirit for the quest for equality.  Music has been a driving force to build understanding.  Although the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus is the oldest one, there are now over 180 LGBT choral groups in the world with over 10,000 singers.

Totally supported by donations, the chorus has also symbolized the sacrifice and dedication of many individuals efforts in moving forward the very human rights issue of equal rights for the LGBT community.

Auditions to the join the Chorus are held regularly and its members are selected for talent but also are selected to give the best representation of the gay community.

The concerts are fantastic.  I have been to some  of them.  The next concert is planned for June 27th and June 28th when they join other groups to celebrate Pride in San Francisco.

I encourage all who can attend this concert to do so because it will be a real treat.  Also,  please visit their web site for their other concert series for the rest of the year: 


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