PufnStuf – Saturday Morning Cartoons You Could Get High On!

Among the wildly psychedelic Saturday morning cartoons of 1969 to 1970 existed the live animated series by Sid and Marty Kroft. My favorite one as a boy was H.R. PufnStuf.

It was like an LSD trip on TV  to describe the visual sensory experience.  The colors of the show were bright and vivid. The story was about a boy name Jimmy ( played by Jack Wild , Artful Dodger in the Musical- Oliver) who finds a magical talking flute named Freddy ( all kinds of Freudian images here!). Then he gets into a boat that turns into some evil trap by an witch named Witchipoo ( an unfortunate nickname my brothers and I  used on our sister when we teased her). The ship kidnaps them to this island.

Well, they come under the protection of this Dragon mayor named PufnStuf (  a Zillion times cooler than Barney) who helps them fight the witch and tries to get them back home. Yea, that was pretty good adventure for back then!

Where is good old PufnStuf when we need him?  Can he do anything about these high gas prices?

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