The Return of Jesse McCartney

I first saw Jesse McCartney on the WB show Summerland as the eldest child of three children who were adopted by their mom’s sister in Southern California. It was a set in on a beach in a more subdued O.C. storyline kind of setting.  His castmates included such notables as Zack Efron ( Hairspray and High School Musical) and Lori Loughlin (  Full House).

Jesse was the teenage heart throb of the show. He was already known from his previous acting stints as a regular from  the soap All My Children and on several shows, inlcuding Disney.

 He was the blond surfing boy character on Summerland. He also could sing and had release some hit songs that were also featured videos on MTV.







Fast forward past the shows to 2008.  He is now 21. No longer platinum blond.  Matured from Cute Boy to Handsome Man.  A hit Album. Hit songs.  Sexy Videos. McCartney is back.

Recently in an interview with The Canadain Press( he said,

 ” I turned 21 recently and I’m living on my own now. I feel like I’ve assumed a little bit more responsibility in my life the last couple years. I feel like I’ve opened a new chapter and it’s certainly made for great songwriting and being in the studio and being able to talk about that, being able to talk about my travels and my relationship with women and being in and out of relationships and dating – those things I think make for good songwriting and I think is accessible for my fans and I think it gives them a little piece of me and I think it’s something that they care to hear about.”

 With his new album, Departure, successfully hitting the airwaves, McCartneys newest evolution is sure to last. 

 The Video: Leavin:

Here are some video interviews:



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