San Francisco’s LGBT Leaders to Boycott HRC Dinner

As a show of support to the Transgender community, in reference to the lack of protections for persons with gender identity protection in the proposed federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act ,  San Francisco LGBT leaders will not be attending the HRC fundraising dinner scheduled next month.

The proposed bill was replaced with another one in Congress which only addressed sexual orientation. The protest by the leaders is seen as condemnation of the HRC’s lack of support of the transgender community in this matter.

San Francisco City Supervisor, Tom Ammiano, said,

“I really do have a lot of bitterness and anger toward HRC’s lack of vision and transparency,” said Ammiano, who also distributed the recent IRS filings for HRC, which showed HRC President Joe Solmonese making $259,096, and several other directors earning over $120,000.

Ammiano added that HRC’s support of a non-inclusive ENDA “really does reflect their uneasiness with this issue. And if they’re so uneasy … I’m not sure they should be making the decisions for our community.”  ( The Bay Area Reporter –


Over 350 LGBT organizations across the nation and their leaders have refused to endorsed the new version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.  Those interested in attending or helping organize the protest can call (415) 848-3628.

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