The Hushed Stands on Prop. 8 by the Presidential Candidates

Proposition 8  ( Marriage Protection Act) is the proposal being put on the ballot for consideration by California voters to reverse the California Supreme Court’s decision that legalized  same sex marriages in the state.  The ballot measure , if approved, will place the ban in the state constitution.





A powder keg of an issue, both the McCain and O’Bama camps have taken stands.  McCain supports the measure. O’Bama is against it.  What is notable about both positions is that they have been taken without much fanfare.

In previous elections, the issues surrounding gay rights have often been used before as the rallying cry to mobilize the religious right and the family values interest groups especially for the Republican party. Often these efforts have overshadowed other critical issues in the election discussion. 

Also,  this strategy utilized by the Bush administration  in the past eight years contributed to one of the biggest political divides in the nation’s history. 

The latest approach taken by both camps concerning the same sex marriage issue may simply be for political expediency. It could also be an effort by McCain to distance himself from Bush.  Both candidates may also realize that more Americans are concerned about the economy. The candidates may just want to garner a broader net of voters. 

Whatever the reason, on the national front,  the California issue is being left to California to sort out, at least for the time being.

McCain and O’Bama will surely revisit this issue later…especially if it means getting a few more votes.

Say No to Proposition 8  :

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