My Comcast Customer Service Experience Nightmare


I have just been through one nightmarish customer service experience with Comcast.  Gary and I just got our HDTV capable TV. We have been planning and budgeting for a set for months.  Finally, we made our purchase.


Then we decided since we currently get our internet service through Comcast that we simply bundle into it HDTV cable and also phone.  I met one of their salesmen at a booth at the San Francisco Pride Festival. I did not sign in then but called him later.


First of all, the salesman was very difficult to get a hold of and he really did not seem engage through the process.  I had to follow up with him a few times to close the deal and to really understand what package I was actually getting. 


Then when the tech came to install the Cable Service, the salesman had forgotten to include the HDTV part in the installation – the whole reason we got the package!  When I called him, he brushed it off and seemed to be annoyed and instructed me to either have him order one to be delivered or for me to got to a customer service location to pick up an HD DVR.


I was furious.


The tech guy who did the installation was great. He was helpful. He explained the service. He apologized for the salesman. So as I will find out not all of Comcast service people deliver poor service.  He left after the installation.


On the following business day, I had to leave work early and go to Comcast Customer Service Office.  I needed to be there in person.  I was treated well there and I picked up the HD DVR.  I went home and installed it.   I called the 800# and activated it.   Beautiful.   HDTV channels at last.


Then I went to log into my computer.   No connection.


I checked.  I rebooted both the modem and the computer.  Still no connection.  I check all the wires and connections.   All connected.  I called Comcast.   Each individual I talked to was pleasant.  Of course, first level support could not help me after running some tests.


One rep names, Josh, was especially helpful. He called California and found that because of some code he could not change it and that some sales department guy told there was nothing that can be done.  I was basically out of internet connection for maybe a week or so.   Of course, poor Josh, was not able to transfer me to this guy so I could talk to him. 


Gary takes online classes.   I need internet connectivity at home because I often log into work remotely from home and of course I also blog among other things. 


I still did not understand what this code was all about.  No one could explain it to me. I asked Josh if I could speak to his supervisor.  His supervisor came on the phone. This man came on with major attitude and he basically said that there was nothing I could do about the situation. I have never been treated so insolently as a customer.   To give you some background, I manage vendors who handle customer service type functions for my national company so this was especially appalling to me.  The supervisor simply told me to contact my local office.


I spent about 3-4 hours on the phone with no resolution to the problem.


The next day during my work breaks,  I tried to get the local office.  I called information and looked on the web. I was simply routed to a series of customer service numbers where I was still not able to receive help.


Then on my commute home from work last night on the BART Train,   I got on my cell phone can called Comcast.  I got on the phone with a tech rep.  He identified a rate code had been placed on my file that had caused the internet outage.  He cancelled the code. It will take 24-72 hours and I should have my connectivity restored.


I will sort all the rest of it out later.


I had a poor salesman who did not explain clearly to me all the details of the package and all the transitional process that needed to take place.   In fact, I was told there was to be no interruption to my service.


I am not cancelling my Comcast Service.  I am pleased with the package.   However, I am blogging (from somewhere else) about my poor customer experience and will be also writing them.  Although there were definitely great customer service reps in my interactions, there were enough of the bad ones and also ineffective processes that Comcast needs to take notice of…they almost lost me as a customer.





18 thoughts on “My Comcast Customer Service Experience Nightmare

  1. Nice story, but unfortunately nothing new.
    Comcast is screwing people for a multitude of things.

    I happen to love their guide better than the one from Dish or DirectTV, And I love the OnDemand service, which lets me stream movies whenever I want (and whenever it works 70% of the time.).

    Unfortunately for you, me and other customers, comcast doesn’t give a s**t about customer’s who they ALMOST lost.
    They only abide to your demands, when you really say: “I want to cancel my service. Now!”.
    After that they will offer you some better package or something or treat you like you should have been treated all along.

    Some of their services are great, that’s why I stick with them, but altogether they suck – their customer service anyway.

  2. I have had similar run-ins with comcast (no caps on purpose) and now even the thought of having to call them makes me want to vomit.
    I read your story and shook my head as I read it. There is a website called comcastmustdie. I think you should add your story there.

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  4. Jon Paul – I am happy to know you are back up and running.

    Do you mind providing me the phone number associated with your account so that we investigate for coaching purposes?

    Thanks in advance and I apologize for the experience.

    Mark C.
    Comcast Corp.

  5. In SF I have had a very similar horrible Comcast experience.

    Comcast broke my internet when installing TV, gave me a window for repair, missed that window. Missed a second AND a third window and still have failed to resolve the issue.

    Customer service is rude and refuses to help saying they have “done everything they can.”

    How many vacation days do I have to use trying to get comcast to address the problem? How horrid!

  6. I have been trying to get Comcast to repair my cable TV since Hurricane Ike…September 12th. It is November 25th and still no cable!!! Absurd. They sent 6 technicians out 6 weeks in a row that were not able to repair because it needed a BUCKET TRUCK. What a waste of time, money and energy. Today they said the order had been cancelled this week. But I can’t tell if I it has been repaired because they disconnected my service for non-payment and won’t turn it back on until I pay them for service I haven’t even had!!! She went to her supervisor to ask if he could turn my service back on to see if we now had service but he said NO. UNBELIEVABLE!!! But you can bet I still get my invoice every month! NO ONE in customer service can help, and they transfer me to a Supervisor but NOT ONE of them have called me back. I am stunned at the quality of service they give their customers. I am sitting in my den while Direct TV installs the new satellite. Also, we are moving office locations and NO ONE answers the phone in the Business department so I have left messages since last Friday. NO return phone calls. I have to figure out a new plan because my business obviously CAN’T wait. I deserve some kind of compensation for the poor service and headache, but I certainly won’t hear from anyone, and I’m sure they will insist I pay them or my credit will be compromised. Comcast is a n absolute joke.

  7. I was approached by a sale rep for comcast. In regards to there new bundle pack deal. I was told that I will recieved a $250.00 Wal mart express payback card which I can use for the christmas holiday!. I was also told was my comcast was actived I will be able to use my express card. 1) I called to see if I can actived it. I was told by a non speaking english person customer service. I would have to call back in 3 days. I then did this which. I was then told that they are having problems with the computer. Can I please call back in 3-4 hour this went on for three days! I then contact Comcast which I asked to speak with an Supervisor. I was told by Nicole Employee ID 23043. That Comcast had nothing to do with this! I would have to contact Wal-Mart. I explain that Comcast was running the promotion not Wal-mart. I then told her I was tired of the run around I will contact the Better Business Bureu. Nicole then told me I can contact them If I want Comcast do not deal with them. So I will get no wear! This took me by surprise.

    As of this time. I have cancel my service with Direct TV. which as cost me $380.00 for canceling my contract early. Which I did not know I had this fee. I am not able to actived my express card. And the contract that Comcast agree to sign me up with $89.99 for the next 12 months has turn into a bill of $135.06. I have not been able to speak with anyone regarding all the problems that Comcast has cause me over the holiday season. I will contact the news station at this point to see If I am able to get some type of help.

  8. I made the mistake of signing up for a bundle with Time Warned Cable. It has been a complete nightmare and I have already called DirectTV begging them to take me back. Never leave Direct! They provide superior tecnical and all customer service help.

  9. COMCAST SERV. REP BLAKE SCAMMED ME FOR $125.00 tried for $325.00 do not buy service from anyone BUT 1800 COMCAST!!!! dont go up to any stand in walmart tht says COMCAST service reps are now coming up wmith ways to KEEP YOUR REBATES!!!! theyll let you sign up an then give you a blank card keep the real rebate card an charge you fees! that comcast has no clue or understanding WHY this person charged you! buyer BEWARE only buy from COMCAST.COM or .NET 1800COMCAST its no longer safe to TRUST PEOPLE IN PERSON!!!

  10. typing this for the second time as internet just went out. i’m living a nightmare because of comcast. i’ve spent hours and hours being my own tech and trying to diagnos connection problems. more hours talking to people on the comcast chat site. this all during a time when my family is experiencing serious medical issues…and here i sit not knowing when the phones and internet will be down. after talking to many, many comcast reps. i was told I was entitled to a full refund due to my stress and the lack of service. next person said i would get a 25. refund. how would anyone think that would cover the inconvenience and stressed i have endured. all i want is a full refund to i can go back to at&t.

  11. Glad to know I’m not the only one who has a Comcast customer service horror story. I am (at this very moment) dealing with the reps on the chat and on the phone trying to get a refund for being overcharged the past 5 months. Shame on me for not catching it sooner.
    I literally want to poke my eyes out with a pen… it’s so frustrating getting an answer from someone there!!! Plus, they are rude and have an attitude when dealing with me, despite me being patient and talking nicely to them! I’m really disappointed in their customer service…I think their reps aren’t trained properly or trained enough. And I know since I trained for 6 months in an insurance customer service dept.
    Why do they make it so difficult to just give the answer? Ughhhhh… wish I could cancel my service, but don’t really know what other service is around here for Internet. :/

  12. Ashleigh,

    I thank you for sharing your experiences. I believe that in this age of technology and connectivity, the challenge still is to develop a real process that really aids the customer. I know that businesses are trying to keep their costs down but these inefficient customer care delivery systems will eventually bite their bottom line even if they hold a monopoly on the product offering.

    There are other services out there. You may want to check out some reliable consumer reports or agencies.

    Much success,


  13. I couldn’t agree more; customer service should definitely be a priority in any business. Not only do I have DISH Network services but I also work for DISH so I know firsthand that they truly value quality customer service. DISH is #1 in Customer Satisfaction among all cable and satellite TV providers (according to the 2010 American Customer Satisfaction Index survey results for the U.S. largest cable and satellite providers). DISH is also the only provider who offers the lowest prices with HD Free for Life. When it comes to value, I trust DISH Network.

  14. would choose to thank you for the work you get in writing this publish. I really hope a similar best work of your stuff later on too. In reality your creative writing expertise has inspired me to get started on my own personal site now.

  15. i have had a terrible experience from the begining of my service. i convinced my wife (her ex husband was providing us w sat tv for free, because they have a child together living w us & we paid $50 for reseidential wifi) to switch to Xfinity, because i thougt we could get beter wifi, more cable channels, and home phone service w free anywhere anytime calling to mexico (her mother is from mexico). we were promised:1) 5 rooms of cable coverage w 2 dvrs and 1 set of premium channels (premium channels free for 2 mos only), 2) phone service w anytime anywhere coverage to mexico 3) the fastest internet anywhere (at least 2 times faster than anyone else). 4) free installation ALL for $130.08 per month for a period of one year.

    i must say the internet service, WHEN IT IS NOT INTERUPTED BY CONSTRUCION OR REPAIR, is GREAT!


    they lied about everything! i have been on the phone with them every month trying to have them fix something. i speak to them by phone for hours before i finally get to a supervisor willing to listen and intelligent/willing enough to stop arguing w me, but instead try to fix the account. finally this month they told me they can no longer “fix” my account. the have taken away a DVR, they now charge me $141.00, i am not allowed to call to mexico cell numbers without incurring extra VERY EXPENSIVE CHARGES, cable coverage constantly goes out (WOSE THAN DISH), they tried to charge me $500 for the “FREE” installation. i didnt even make it 6 months into the agreement. isnt that BAIT AND SWITCH. ISNT THIS ILLEGAL. IM FILING A COMPLAINT WITH THE TEXAS ATTORNEY GENERAL, WHO IM SURE WILL DO NOTHING, BECAUSE BIG BUSINESSES ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS WHEN THEY STEAL MONEY FROM HARD WORKING PEOPLE.

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