Comcast Issue Resolved – I am back on and Blogging Again



My Comcast nightmare finally ended tonight.  I am not going into the original details of this issue in a previous blog entry of mine at


I finally got my Internet service back tonight.  Gary can now access his online classes from home. I can access work remotely from home again. I can engage in blogging again.


I was told that my trouble ticket was resolved.  However, my Internet was not up and operating. Finally in about an hour I got a hold of lady named Kim. She assisted me in doing some trouble shooting. She was able to get the technicians to fix my issues.


My Internet is up!!!!!


All of these issues stem from that one Comcast salesman who exaggerated and lied about some of the packages and terms conditions.  I will never do business with him ever again. I will also pass the word to every person I know not to do any dealings with him. He was the architect of what misery we went through because of this issue.


I will also contact Comcast.


There were also several good representatives who did well on the phone and they provided the information well.



So now I am trying to catch up on blogging, emails,  etc.


Thanks, again, Kim!

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