DVD Review: Love Life – A Movie About Duplicity and Denial



Living your life in duplicity no matter the intention usually ends up in an implosion of some sort and often accompanied by some pain.


Love Life, the New Media Entertainment 2006 film, about the ill fated marriage between a closeted gay man and a lesbian woman is such a story of duplicity.  It was written and directed by Damon Dietz.


The feel of the film is like a woven set of images across a canvas of moving poetry. The characters draw you into their lives and their own inner struggles. There is a marvelous use of camera angles that creates a real intimacy in this story. The audience is swept into an emotional bond with along with the Joe and Mary Hahn…watching their marriage dissolve and their true selves emerge.


Within the passion depicted in the movie there is simultaneous aching for freedom to be true and free. It speaks to the universal soul.


There is a wonderful narrative at the end of the film. It moved me. 

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