Movie Review – Mama Mia! The Feel Good Musical of the Year!





I must admit that Gary and I intended to see Batman –The Dark Knight movie.  There seemed to be hundreds of people in line and a lot of shows were sold out.  This was a double whammy since I just came from the Apple store.  The new iPhone is still out of stock.  I will never forgive Steve Jobs for the all the hype and then now this let down about the movie.


So this was my mood when we entered the theatre to see Mama Mia.  Truthfully, I was actually looking forward to seeing the movie.  I loved Abba and their music. However, I never saw the stage musical built upon those songs (the very ones I used to dance to when I was so much younger).  The teasers looked great.





I L-O-V-E this movie!  I was amazed at the story that was woven around the songs, which centered on this young woman who unbeknownst to her mother (based on reading her mother’s diary) invited 3 men to her wedding where there is a possibility that one of them was her father.


First of all, I discovered that Meryl Streep can sing!  She really brings her consummate acting abilities to the role of Donna. There is definitely the comedic, fun part which she pulls off perfectly. However, she is able to move through several ranges of emotions through songs and dialogue that only a true artist of her stature can do.  I was awed by her.


She is not a Julie Andrews or a Jennifer Hudson, but she is in her own class.  She was performing every nuance and a very action masterfully. I was moved. The role of Donna is one of her most memorable performances.



Her chemistry with Christine Baranski and Julie Waters has got to go down as one of best threesomes on film ever!   These three gals bring Diva to a new level.  Their comedic timing, their over the top musical performances and energy were contagious. They definitely were the heart and soul of the show. The mini- concert they hold for the audience after the movie ends is priceless. 


Baranski has come a long way since playing sidekick to Cybill Shepherd in the television series, Cybill.  My favorite part of hers in the movie is when she sings “Does Your Mother Know” to the young guys on the beach. 


Julie Waters stole almost every scene she was in as “Rosie”, the wild lone wolf of the gals and apparently world famous cookbook author.  She rocks out, shakes her booty, and hangs from the legs of Stellan Skarsgard (Bill), who plays one of the potential fathers.  She sings a raucous “Take a Chance on Me.” Talk about comedic timing.  Waters has it down pack.


I would love to see Meryl, Christine and Julie in a project together again.  They just light up the screen together.



Okay, Pierce Brosnan cannot really sing. Did we expect him to?  However, it works for this movie. He and Meryl have great chemistry and play well off each other.  The scene set against the Greek landscape and with the blue ocean is perfect when Meryl sings “Winner Takes All” to him.  It is moving and  romantic, one of the real heart pulling moments of the film.  Beautiful.



Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgard both bring brilliant supporting role performances showing their experience as well tuned actors skilled in their craft. Along with Brosnan, all three men have a great camadarie that comes across on the film.



I think the major discovery of Mama Mia is Amanda Seyfried who plays Sophie the daughter of Donna played by Streep. She not only sings beautifully but delivered a wonderful acting performance as a daughter in search of her real father. There is something very Dorothyish about her character but instead of going to OZ in search of her happiness she brings OZ to her along with the tornado!   That’s when the comedy starts.



I first saw Seyfried on HBO’s Big Love. However, I had no idea of her range and acting abilities. She is a talent and I look forward to her future films.



She along with Dominic Cooper, who plays Sky, her character’s fiancé, having the central wedding story line. It is peppered at the same time with both of them dealing with Sophie’s desire to find her real dad.  Both Cooper and Seyfried sizzle hot on the big screen.



The on site location and setting is beautiful.   The extras are wonderfully cast like a third character of the show.  The musical numbers made me want to hum along and dance just as the songs of Abba always have done to me.  It looked like it had the same affect on the audience.


Is it a feel good movie? Yes!  Will it make you feel like dancing? Yes!   Will it make you smile? Yes!  You have got to see it!


Thank you for the music
The songs I’m singing
Thanks for all the joy
They’re bringing
Who can live without it
I ask in all honesty
What would life be


Without a song or a dance what are we?
So I say thank you for the music
For giving it to me

-Paul Clarkson-



4 thoughts on “Movie Review – Mama Mia! The Feel Good Musical of the Year!

  1. I also love, love this movie! I have seen it 2 times and will go again and take all of my friends. I do not care, about Pierce’s singing; he can come and sing for me anytime. The man is SEXY! The movie was great fun and very enjoyable.

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