Equality For All – The New Civil Rights Movement We Must Win!




I received a call the other night from the Equality for All organization. Their mission is to get voters out in California in the November elections to defeat Proposition 8, which is an initiative to ban same sex marriages in California by adding an amendment to the state constitution.


From the Equality for All Site  ( http://www.equalityforall.com/home.php)


A community under attack. Again.

“Right-wing extremists have launched a multi-million-dollar campaign against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in California. Their intent is to pass Proposition 8, which would change the California Constitution to prohibit marriage for gay and lesbian couples. These same groups failed in 2004 and 2006 to qualify a measure for the ballot, in part because through the Equality for All campaign, fair-minded people out-organized them. But now they’re back.

An initiative intending to alter California’s constitution to ban marriage for gay and lesbian couples is headed for the November 2008 ballot. The summary that would appear before voters reads:

This initiative will amend the California Constitution to provide that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California. The measure will have no fiscal effect on state or local governments. This is because there would be no change to the manner in which marriages are currently recognized by the state.

What we’ve won. What we could lose.

The California Supreme Court just struck down the state’s discriminatory marriage laws banning marriage for gay and lesbian couples. This historic decision is a huge victory for all Californians who cherish fairness and opportunity. This initiative is attempting to nullify that court decision.

In two successive legislative sessions (2005 and 2007) the California legislature has passed a bill to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry. No other state legislature has ever passed such legislation, whereas California’s legislature has passed it twice.

Legislators’ progress on the issue of marriage echoes the progress of their constituents — Californians have changed their minds. A September 2006 poll by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) showed that public opinion has moved significantly since 2000, the last time an anti-marriage measure was on the ballot. The PPIC poll showed that roughly as many California likely voters support the right to marry for gay and lesbian couples as oppose it. A September 2007 poll showed similar results. “






Equality for All is trying to get in volunteers to man phone banks, give donations and get the word out. Right wing conservative and religious groups have mobilized both monies and people to push the ban though in the state. 

The same hate language clothed in religious jargon and family values propaganda is being mounted across the state.  They know that if they win in California that it will be a big blow to the same sex marriage movement in the nation and also to gay rights generally. 



There are huge issues facing us today such as the economy and the war.  However, whether you are gay or straight, same sex marriage is a big issue too. It is a matter of civil rights. It is a matter of human rights.


We cannot allow the extreme right wing edges of  religious groups dictate this government’s laws for its citizens. It has gone on for long enough. They will not stop dictating direction on just this issue but on every issue that does not fit on their agenda.  Listen to their rhetoric over the pulpit.  Read their their literature.


So the same sex marriage issue is not just about gays, but on the larger scale it is about every citizen of these United States receiving the same rights under law as any other citizen.  We are a government not for a religion or a particular faith, but we are a government  for the people and of the people.



Get involved! Volunteer! Donate!  Vote!


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