A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock and Roll, A Lot of Vegas!

Donny and Marie

Donny and Marie

Friday nights back in our home in the late seventies was a weekly ritual for us watching two of the most famous singing pair of siblings at the time performing in their weekly variety show. The name of that show was Donny and Marie.  They were from Utah and we were from Guam.   They were a little bit Little Country and a Little Bit Rock and Roll. We just loved them.

I admit it.  I like these two squeaky clean Mormon people.  Their lives have have been more squeaky than clean. But it seems their faith has pulled them through and compared to a lot of their comtemporaries they have led relatively normal lives for celebrities. Marie has had a couple of divorces and bouts with depression, but seems to have come through all of it well.  Donny has been able through reinvent himself in several different ways career wise.  They have certainly been able to gain a respect in the industry.

Yes, their music is cheesy to some degree but it has become part of our musical heritage. There have been some especially good moments. Donny’s entrance into Musical Theatre  especially as the lead in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Musical touring company was a great match. Marie had a good country music career for a while.

They are American icons and are as homemade as apple pie.  Their show was the only one that brought my whole family together, even my macho retired navy dad.   So I admit that I am a Donny and Marie fan.

They are scheduled, after 29 years , to perform together in a show at the Flamingo Hilton in Las Vegas from September 9- October 1, 2008.  They had a preview concert run early in the summer to sold out crowds.  I am ure it will have the same response again.  They are scheduled to perform solo and duet hits like “Paper Roses,” “Make the World Go Away,” “I’m Leaving It (All) Up to You,” “Morning Side of the Mountain,” “Puppy Love,” “Soldier of Love,” “Deep Purple” and others.

I hope I get to see them.  It brings me back to my living room with my family on Friday nights when two young kids with big smiles brought light and music into our house.

Vegas Show Website:   http://www.donnyandmarie.com/

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