3 thoughts on “Insignificant Others at Theatre 39 – San Francisco’s Heart on Stage

  1. Hello JP,
    I’ve never been to San Francisco except during a stop over to the Philippines and back. I hope that one of these days, my husband and make it there. We truly loved the “Mamma Mia” musical show so I’d imagine we’ll like this as well. Perhaps the show will become national and will come to the Mountain Region. We’ll definitely go see it then. You wrote an excellent commentary on it that makes me really want to see the show. Excellent job. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Tashabud,

    I do hope you do get to visit our lovely city by the bay one day and get to see Insignificant Others. I would love to see this musical go National. Jay Kuo also has another musical that will debut in New York in 2009 called Homeland. It has already gotten a lot of a buzz and there are some great music samples on the official website : http://www.homelandmusical.com/. Check out the site.


  3. This show is amazing A Must See if you are in the area. Very funny, music is fits the show GO See for yourself you will LOVE it.Thanks for sharing:)


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