Rock Haven – Coming Out and Being Saved


Sean Hoagland

Sean Hoagland

Rock Haven (2007) is visually a beautiful movie. Set in a northern coastline township in California, each frame is worthy to be displayed in some gallery.  The piano music that trails the entire film adds the emotional tempo to carry us through the story of how a deeply spiritual christian young man, Brady (Sean Hoagland), comes to terms with his sexuality in a struggle that is common among a lot of gay men and women.  


Rock Haven's Sean Hoagland

Rock Haven

There is a lot of symbolism in this movie drawn from natural settings where the very nature of faith is being considered by Brady.  When he meets Clifford (Owen Alabado), and experiences falling in love, Clifford begins to love his complete self.     



Owen Alabado

Owen Alabado

One of the good moments in the film is when Clifford (who actually starts reading the Bible upon the request of Brady) confronts a withdrawn Brady who had decided at that point to return to his straight ways, and says “I thought you had more faith than that!” 


Sean Hoagland and Owen Alabado

Sean Hoagland and Owen Alabado

The film brings home a message that self acceptance and the coming out process from a perspective of faith are so much bigger than a church or an interpretation of scriptural writings. For Christians, it is in that personal deep soul connection that one has with God where His Love is so much greater than all of us. Basically, God accepts you as a gay person. Accept yourself. 

Brady’s coming out process in the end becomes a spiritual journey for him of self acceptance and true faith.


The film’s writing and editing was weak in places which made it drag at certain points. It also inhibited some of the actors’ performances. However, overall it is worth the DVD rental.

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