I Just Love Family Guy


Family Guy

Family Guy

Yes, it is irreverent.  It is edgy. It pushes the limits.  It is hilarious ( Ok, sometimes a couple of the jokes miss)!  Yet, since Family Guy premiered in 1999, I have been a fan.  The  somewhat dysfunctional but lovable family that is Peter, Lois,Chris, Meg and Stewie Griffin and their talking, cocktail drinking dog, Brian has been a regular staple of my viewing pleasure on TV.

Family Guy Star Wars Episode

Family Guy Star Wars Episode

Despite all its silliness, series creator Seth MacFarlane has developed an intelligent piece of animated comedy that is a real mirror on popular culture.  He makes us laugh at all the absurdities of life, while at the same time, he embeds into his comedy something for us to think about. For me, Family Guy has given me  real time to just laugh and let out all the stress of daily living by seeing the antics of my favorite family from Quahog on television.

I have posted a few clips below to give you a taste of this show that airs on Fox on Sundays. Watch an episode or two and become a fan.

Official Family Guy Web Site: http://www.familyguy.com/

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