Individuals Sacrifice Church Membership to Speak Out for Civil Rights


There have been a growing number of faithful church members who have spoken out in public for civil rights causes that have caught the ire of their church leadership. In the worst cases, it has lead to to their excommunication. 

History is bookmarked with story after story of individuals, who have spoken against the prevailing religious ignorance of their day, on behalf of the more enlightened good.  Often, many of those free thinkers gave their lives for it.  The most famous of these, was a Jewish carpenter, whose religious leaders turned him over to the government to be convicted in an unjust trial and crucified on a cross.

It is ironic, that it is in the name of that famous carpenter, that the modern hypocritical religious leaders do the same today.  A man or woman, who simply participates in the democratic process to oppose propositon 8 in California (which would deny same sex marriage that is now law in California), is in danger of losing church membership.  

That threat along with the use of church donations to politically campaign for the passage of such a propostion is where powerful churches cross the line.   Similar to the brave men and women of the middle ages who fought papal supremacy, we as Americans, must fight fundamental religious tyranny, from governance in our public life.  We must make our stand.

I read an interesting posting at the DesertGaySpeak blog on the issue:

2 thoughts on “Individuals Sacrifice Church Membership to Speak Out for Civil Rights

  1. Justin, words do mean something. They also change, especially if they exclude a group of citzens from those rights. In the realm of our government all citizens are to be afforded the same rights. Marriage must be defined to include all citizens. Religion should stay out of government.

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