Supernatural Introduces New Character – God


The fourth season of CW’s scariest episodic weekly thriller, Supernatural, has really upped the ante this fall with Biblical ambitions.  Angels have entered the picture and with them is the Almighty One Himself.

The core plot of Supernatural developed from the story of two brothers following in their father’s footsteps in fighting demons and demonic forces.  The dark themes were peppered with humor.  The show’s success is also credited to the great chemistry between the two lead stars, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles who play Sam and Dean Winchester.

Jared Padalecki as Sam

Jared Padalecki as Sam

The story lines have become more involved over the past three years and have become more complicated, making Supernatural much more than the usual CW glossy teen fare. It actually has morphed into an entertaining and thought provoking drama modernizing the struggle between good and evil, using a supernatural backdrop while still building strong character development in its characters.

Jensen Ackles as Dean

Jensen Ackles as Dean

The fourth season of the show has Dean Winchester being saved by an angel of the Lord from the bowels of hell.  A bewildered and reluctant Dean finds that he has been chosen to assist in an apocalyptic count down battle against evil.   Sam has developed special powers to fight demons. He is being assisted by a friendly demon. However, he is doing all of it  without Dean’s knowledge and he is taking some real risks.

The dangers around the Winchesters are relentless but there always seems to be a way out. The audience of the show is always on pins and needles wondering if this time it is just too much.

Dean struggles with the idea of God trying to understand why a God would allow such evil to exist and innocent people to die. You believe that Dean’s journey in faith will be a big part of this year’s story.  In the meanwhile they are trying to prevent the emergence of the greatest demon of all, the devil himself, Lucifer.

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2 thoughts on “Supernatural Introduces New Character – God

  1. I was worried about how they would bring Dean back, and I find that I am truly enjoying the way the are taking the show. Jared and Jensen do have a great chemistry that makes the show almost impossible to turn away from. I’m intrigued about how this season will end, but in the meantime will be enjoying every episode!!

  2. I’m loving the season of course but wouldn’t mind seeing some skin for a change. It really looks like there just might be a big battle between the brothers. I have to say that I don’t like new Ruby at all and wonder if she’s even Ruby.

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