Elisabeth Hasselbeck May Leave The View – It’s About Time!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Next to Sarah Palin, the Republican nominee for Vice President, Elisabeth Hasselbeck,one of the long standing hosts of The View, is first runner up in the  ” I don’t want her to represent the Conservative Woman Voice of America” competition.  Hasselbeck is reportedly upset about the heated political discussions on the show. Rumors are that she may leave the show.

Her co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar have battled her on key political issues. They often are real passionate discussions. Sure they often take the liberal side,  but Hasselbeck’s arguments for the conservative side are often misinformed and full of conjecture and rhetoric that weakens her points terribly in the debate of ideas. 

I am surprised that Barbara Walters has not recruited someone with more experience than a stint on a reality show ( Hasselbeck was on Survivor once) to take Hasselbeck’s place sooner. Sure she is entertaining to watch especially when she starts spouting off the nonsense she does and tries to pass it off as conservatism. However, that gets tiring after a while and very old, and well embarassing.

 I mean when she was first mired in battle with Rosie O’Donnell a couple of years ago,  it was apparent how ill equipped Hasselbeck was to discuss these topics with any degree of credibility. Come on, Rosie was right to leave.

The View

The View

Barbara Walters needs to find someone and there are plenty of young, intelligent women out there who speak intelligently to the issues with the conservative slant. Whoopi and Joy deserve a sparring partner who is real good. We deserve a show where we can really enjoy the View.

Hey Tina Fey!  Can you do a good Elizabeth Hasselbeck?

27 thoughts on “Elisabeth Hasselbeck May Leave The View – It’s About Time!

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more…Elizabeth Hasselbeck drives me nuts! She makes these attempts to sound like she knows what she’s talking about, when really she’s as clueless as they come.

  2. Oh Please! Elisabeth brings a lot to the show. Not only does she relate better to the younger audience , but also the younger moms of today. Before her arrival, I had only watched the “The View” a handful of times—-BORING!! No stimulation at all, everyone was just too old (atleast for my age demographic). She makes it interesting. I don’t always agree with her, but I’ll say this…she is passionate and stands up for what she believes in. As for Rosie, come on, since the end of “The Rosie Show” she has been more than capable of stirring up controversy of her own (without Elisabeth’s help). Anytime you have more than one person who share the same passion & beliefs on issues that are completely different in the same room….what do you expect? This is what has given “The View” thier ratings. And what is it that Joy & Sherri bring to the show…I’m still looking!!

  3. Thanks, Valerie for your comments.

    Ash, I always wlecome comments even if they differ from mine. I appreciate the fact that you are a fan of Elisabeth and I do agree that she is passionate and a is a good mother. I still differ with you on her understanding of the issues and her expertise on the conservative point of view she claims to represent.

    Case in point. From the Los Angeles Times quoting from a recent episode from the view on why Elisabeth would think Sarah Palin would make a good President if for some reason something were to ever happen to McCain and she had to fill the spot:

    Walters: Every day, let me say this, I’m so glad you’re on the program. We love you on the program.

    Hasselbeck: Thanks, Barbara.

    Walters: You are the counterpoint. But every single day, you never ever say, maybe there’s another point. So this is your chance. …Tell us now, why you think Sarah Palin would make a very good president.

    Hasselbeck: Well, since I’ve been studying for this pop quiz forever, tell me why Barack Obama is qualified to be president. … Give me three tangible things he has done to prove that he can be president of the United States.

    Walters: We’re not talking about Obama. We’re talking about Sarah Palin.

    Hasselbeck: She has been running the state of Alaska.

    Walters: OK.

    Hasselbeck: She is an expert in terms of energy. She has been in charge of a National Guard in time of war.

    (Walters makes a “so-so” hand gesture.)

    Hasselbeck: She has been. She’s actually governed.

    Well, now. I still think there can be someone better put on The View to represent the Conservative viewpoint.

    You can then watch all the Elisabeth Hasselbeck you want. I hear Fox TV wants to offer her own show. You and the other five people will enjoy watching her all to yourselves!

  4. if she just spoke her pov, instead of being so shrill and if she wasn’t a mouthpiece for bill o’reilly, et. al. then I would want to hear from her. I want to understand how conservatives think. I don’t just want to hear her gleeful smug comments on anything not republican. she doesn’t make sense half the time and doesn’t stick to the topic but veers off to her memorized talking points. Maybe SHE should be running for VP?

  5. If Elizabeth Hasselbeck cannot remember the correct day to take her kid to school, she should lay off other people.
    She is a no-brainer and should be banned from tv!

  6. Well, let’s see. Whoopi was stupid enough to be involved with that idiot nonactor from Cheers that stood up and did a skit in black face, which I’m rather sure he ran by her before doing it, Sherii isn’t sure if the world is flat or not, Joy would have a problem with Gandhi if she thought he was a Republican, and Barbara has dis’d her own rep in her recent bio so no need to get into that here. As for Palin’s qualifications, she has been the real mayor of a real town, a real governor of a real state, the real commander in chief of a real National Guard, she went after the chairman of her party and got him fined $12,500 as I recall, she did beat a sitting governor (of her own party) in a primary, she did beat her Dem opponent (and former governor) in the election to become governor of Alaska, so name me one single thing Sen. Obama has accomplished in governance that qualifies him for the presidency. Go Liz.

  7. Ok…first of all, I’m still a Republican…But I am starting to feel guilty about being assoicated with the “new” Republicans of the last 20 years…and it has only gotten worse recently.

    JD – the personal attack on Rosie shows your level of discourse. I am no fan or Rosie’s politics, but to attack her physical attributes just speaks to the fact that you have no interest in something that intellectuals and people of intelligence have cherised for centuries; truthful dialogue. I’m happy for you and your clan or new HATE Republicans that you have been able to achieve this. And as I mentioend before, I am an old school republican disgusted with the religious takeover of my party. what they hell does God have to do with my taxes?

    Republicans have lost their way (Democrats Arent much better but they dont use hate rhetoric and lies to stop others from being part of the dialogue.

    Thanks to you and others like you for ruining my party.

    The Truth is that anyone defending Elizabeth Hasselbeck has no interest in real meaningful dialogue, which bring us to the truth. If you deny this, you show your ignorance of history and education. That is all.

  8. i really wish elizabeth hasselbeck would leave the view. she seems to believe everything george bush and the republicans spout out of their lying mouthes. she is their most loyal supporter and parrots everything they say. it is hard to believe that this young woman even went to college, much less ever graduating. she is not very smart and does not have a mind of her own. she lives in a dream world of her own. she does have her supporters , and that alone is a scary thought. the view keeps her on because unfortunately, other people share her illogical opinions. she is a true example of the dumbing down of America. God help us.

  9. Yes! We need an intelligent informed woman to represent conservatives, not a ditto head. It’s like having three (or four) reasoning humans debate a parrot who can only repeat memorized lines, often unrelated to the topic being discussed.

  10. You all need to get a life. Last I checked the Democrats are hypocrits, liars, cheats, they steal, they name call, they are lazy. Look at their record ohh they don’t have one.

  11. I think the sooner Elisabeth goes, the better. I’m tired of hearing her scream over everyone with information she picked up by watching some show on Fox. I would love to see an intelligent, well informed, strong republican woman who is willing to listen when others talk and speak from her own PERSONAL point of view sit at that table every morning. Having a discussion always seems to turn into a debate with Elisabeth and it gives me a headache!! I’m all for having ALL points of view represented on that show (it IS called The View lol) but give me someone that lives in the real world, and not in a bubble!!

  12. Christie,

    I agree. I really enjoyed Meghan McCain who is a young progressive young Republican woman who guest hosted this past week. Someone like her would be great.


  13. Mrs. Hasselbeck is the only person on the view with a viable brain. Regrettably, her viewers are mindless twits who are incapable of forming an intelligent thought beyond that which is programmed by The Today Show and their ilk. I wish this woman would leave The View as well. Her talents are wasted on the dimwits who tune in.

  14. Elisabeth is the ONLY member of “The View” with any common sense. The rest are a bunch of leftist hags. They attack her on anything and everything. I hope she leaves soon, then nobody will watch that idiotic show.

    It is quite apparent that women in the U.S. that watch that show have the mentality of Jerry Springer contestants.

    It’s no wonder that the U.S. is failing. Our women have turned into a bunch of idiots!

  15. She need to leave and be replaced with another clueless, stupid, progressive women. That way the looser watchers of the show can think that they are watching CNN and can cheer all the time (la de da). I have a dream, that someday, special rights for the useless gender will disappear.

  16. Every time I take an opportunity to watch the View I am reminded of how insane I was to waste the 1 minute watching it.

    Elisabeth is very argumentative, rude, uneducated and speaks of words that are totally ridiculous. I am surprised that Barbara has allowed this to go on for as long as it has gone on. Rosie was wise in leaving and it is becoming more apparent that Whoopi is no more impressed with Elisabeth, Joy is no more impressed with Elisabeth and it is time for Elisabeth to move on.

  17. I agree. Every time she starts nagging I have to switch to another channel. I am so absolutely tired of her never ending shallow talk against President Obama since day one. I just can’t take it anymore. I am watching the view a lot less since she is on. It’s just not worth my time. Unfortunately her elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top. But we knew that, right?

  18. Hello To All,
    I think it is good that Betty White is able to get up and go like she does. MY husband is 81 and I am only 65, I will be 66 in November the 26th of November of 2010. And my husband will be 82 on May 1,2011.
    We both get around pretty good for our ages. I had a storke in February of this year and have done rather well getting back on my feet and being able to take care of myself. All in all we are both in pretty good shape for our ages.

  19. Seriously, if Elizabeth leaves the show it will be over for The View. She is the only educated view on the show. Whoopi and Joy get too emotional discussing politics. Their childishness behavior really turns people off. Watch the new show THE TALK.
    At least you won’t feel like your watching the Jerry Springer show.

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